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October, 2022

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Presented by: Ann Helmus, PhD, Director and Founder, NESCA Newton

Attend this webinar in person at 55 Chapel Street or sign up for the virtual webinar.

Over the past 12 years, Dr. Helmus has performed international evaluations for children from 26 different countries, across Asia, the Middle East, and South America. Join her for an entertaining and informative talk about the potential for expanding your practice abroad, as well as the cultural and regulatory hurdles in doing so. You’ll appreciate the vast cultural differences in the way various countries regard neurodiversity and gain a heartening perspective on our special education laws. Consider if this kind of practice expansion is for you, as Dr. Helmus shares anecdotes – both heart-warming and heart-breaking – about her experiences.

10/13 7-9 PM (EST) Webinar or In-Person

November, 2022

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Presented by: Julia Landau, Esq, Lead Attorney and Senior Project Director, Disability Education Justice Initiative & The Autism Center, Massachusetts Advocates for Children (MAC).

This workshop will address special education legal standards and procedures, evaluation rights, and other legal issues that can impact the writing of effective neuropsychological reports. The workshop will include examples from neuropsychological reports and discussion of a case study involving a child with autism.

As a lawyer specializing in special education law, Julia Landau, Esq, has over 40 years of experience conducting legislative advocacy and litigation on behalf of children with disabilities. She has served as a public policy advocate in many major legislative campaigns, including laws addressing the overhaul of the state special education law, transition rights of older students, participation of students with disabilities in the state high stakes graduation tests, assistive technology, and the establishment of rights and services for children with autism. Ms. Landau has developed special education law training curricula and provided workshops for parents and professionals throughout the Commonwealth.
Before joining MAC in 1984, Ms. Landau worked as an advocate at the Greater Boston ARC; the Disability Law Center in Boston; and the Disability Rights Education Defense Fund, the law center associated with the nation’s first independent living center in Berkeley, where she developed models of special education advocacy based on joint leadership of adults with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities.

10/1 7-9 PM (EST)