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As a part of our mission to promote understanding of brain-behavior relationships, MNS offers a Speakers Bureau.  We connect community and professional organizations to neuropsychologists who can speak on topics of interest to your group.  Our speakers can address a wide range of audiences including parent groups, school organizations, community service organizations, support groups, and legal, medical, education, and mental health professionals.

Please note: If you have a Neuropsychology topic in mind that is not listed here, please contact us and we will try to locate a speaker for you.  The topics are organized in a way that reflects talks available at this time. Others might conceptualize Neuropsychology topics in different ways.

Disclaimer: The Massachusetts Neuropsychological Society (MNS) Speakers Bureau provides an information and referral service to groups seeking speakers on Neuropsychology topics.  The talks reflect the speakers’ own training and perspective and MNS is not responsible for the content of the presentations. Talks are presented for general informational and educational purposes only, and do not constitute professional advice on individual medical, legal, technical, or therapeutic treatment or evaluation matters.

Please complete the following form to request a presentation.

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